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1.  Message from the Queen of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (feat Zai’s mom)

8.  Hippie People

2.  I Wanna Be a DJ on BFM!

9.  Susu Soya (PETA Mix)

3.  I Wanna Be a Greenie (feat Bono Sox)

10.                Michelin Man

4.  Lim Guan Eng

11.                Perkakasa (Jom Lepak kat IKANO mix)

5.  Justin Bieber is a Hamster

12.                Vatican Day Care Center

6.  Everybody Wants to be Daryl Goh

13.                Lovers Lie In the Shade of Eyjafjallajökull While I Pick Through My Unrealized Aspirations Lying of the Cusp of The New Paradigm That is An Absence of Platonic Love (screw Mogwai, this is real mix)

7.  Finland People






I want to be a DJ on BFM




G                          C              D

I want to be a DJ on BFM

I want to be a DJ on BFM

I want to be a DJ on BFM


That would be Grand!





Everything sounds clever, when you speaking in British


News is more believable, presented in British


Music sounds better, when the DJ speaks British


God Save the Queen oi oi! pass the fish and chips!




Ordering food is sexier, when you speak in British

Chicken tikka masalla, all the dishes British

Soccer is called Football when you're speaking in British

God Save the Queen!




Children sound more evil when they're speaking in British

Brown people look whiter when they're speaking in British

Our Asian eyes get rounder when we're speaking in British

God Save the Queen!



Solo over chorus progression





A                                                              C

Can you understand what I'm saying?

Some British mumbling


A                                                              C

This is radio so there's no subtitles!

C                                          D

Some British mumbling

Lim Guan Eng


A                            G          C  G A

Lim Guan Eng , Emperor of Penang 2x


He control all the Cina


He control all the macha


He control all the electronics


He control the economics

He control the nasi kandar

Worship him, he is emperor

In his palace, with concubines

Eunuchs high on turpentine

Lim Guan Eng! Emperor of Penang 2x

Now Penang is world heritage site!

The turtles can lay their eggs there!

And Lim Guan Eng will harvest the eggs

And subject them to gamma radiation

And make his mutant ninja turtle army! To take over Gerakan!!!

Gerakan! Gerakan! Where are you Gerakan! 2x

Now all you have lost your relevance and all you can do is eat your chicken rice.

Susu Soya



Susu soya untuk kita


Susu haiwan untuk gwailo

D                A

Marilah minum susu soya


Dulu gwailo jajah kita

Paksa minum susu haiwan

Dutch lady, Nespray, Mama lactogen


Susu mereka kawal kita

Tanam getah, korek bijih

Macam haiwan peliharaan


Susu haiwan senang basi

Nanti jadi warna hijau

Susu soya, tahan seribu tahun (macam twinkies)


Susu soya dari pokok

Susu haiwan dari tetek

Haiwan yang sedih dan dikurung


Pokok soya, bebas hidup

Tanah hitam, tanah gambut

Tidak ditindas atau disebat


Susu soya, susu Asia

Susu haiwan, susu neraka

Susu soya, satu Malaysia! ...to fade



A                    E

Maaaaari lah

Minuuummmm susu soya

Diperbuat oleh tumbuhan

Melalui tindakbalas fotosintesis

FOTOSINTESIS! (Kimia best!)


Justin Beiber is a Hamster



Run Justin Run!

C                                                    B

The lumberjacks are after you

Run my little hamster

The cage monsters are here to eat you


You're squashed by bouncy balls

I hear you scream you little rodent

Run towards your cage

A tasty meal of hamster pellets


Run Justin Run!

Run like hell you little hamster!

You look over the edge

And Liberace's coming at ya!




D                          G          A

Are you cold in Canada

The great white north that is Canada?


From Vancouver to Nova Scotia

From Calgary to Regina

The funny French talk Quebecouis

All the Newfies trying to change a light bulb


Its so cold in Canada

Its so cold in Canada


Everybody calls him Canada

Everybody calls him Canada


Fade out

Everybody Wants to Be Daryl Goh





B                      A                    F#

Every body wants to be Daryl Goh






Like Hang Tuah and Hang Li Po


From Melaka, comes Daryl Goh


Parameswara, lived long ago

That is not so, with Daryl Goh (HE LIVES IN THE PRESENT)



Is he Chinese? Or Serani?

One thing we know, he likes babi

He likes football, maybe rugby

Tengok bola, sampai pagi



He was a geek, now super star

DJ, with Bunga

Spinning tunes, from the 80's

The nonyas throw their panties (Daryl Goh, have our babies!!!)



Shahruk Khan, Melaka dato

Daryl Goh makan cencaluk

They do not know, about Daryl Goh

Loved by all, even homos.


Daryl Goh, number 1

Daryl Goh, have my son

Daryl Goh, we will follow

From Perlis, down to Johor




Chorus and fade out


God help me, I want to be Daryl Goh

My children want to be Daryl Goh

Your mama wants to be Daryl Goh

The punk rock scene wants to be Daryl Goh

The goth kids want to be Daryl Goh

Jim Jarmusch wants to be Daryl Goh

Leonard Cohen wants to be Daryl Goh

Bob Dylan wants to be Darul Goh

Michelin Man


Michelin Man, Michelin Man, where are you now Michelin Man

I'm singing in a band, said Michelin Man, dancing with Jamie Foxx in Japan


I'm all woman, I'm all woman, I'm all woman said Michelin Man

See my breasts, my mighty breasts, they can shade a dozen children



Bob De Niro, Bob De Niro, Bob De Niro met Michelin man

Bob got scared, so damn scared, he was so scared, he peed his pants


Don't want yo husband, don't want yo husband, don't want yo husband, Bob he sweared

Let me go, safe and sound, back to my family, O' Michelin Man


Bob come here, Bob come here, Bob come here, screamed Michelin Man

We gots everything your heart desires, desire me, cried Michelin Man


My man's away, my man's away, screwin some 'ho on a submarine

That submarine, can't fucking sink, its a floating submarine (French submarines float!).




I don't know you

I see you, every where

Even if you're behind mount Everest

I can see that crown of flaming hair!


Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't kill me Michelin Man


Finland People


D                                           C                   G

Finland people, cannot make mobile phone

Japanese people make superior phones


Finland people, their eyes are very big

Cannot see, small circuitry


Japanese people, their eyes are very small

Can see small components, more easily


Finland people very tall

Cannot get close to the circuit board


Japanese people, very short

Easier to reach circuit board


Finland people, only catch fish (and reindeer)

Japanese people, catch mighty whale (for research)


One whale can feed entire village

One fish can only feed, one large Caucasian


Finland got hairy Vikings

Japan got samurai


Finland Vikings rape and pillage

Japanese samurai, just watch hentai

Lagu Pertubuhan Perkakasa

E                                G

Jangan cabar mangkuk kami!

Jangan cabar kerusi kami!

Jangan kelirukan sudu kami!

Jangan pemainkan pembuka botol kami!

A                                D

Kamu mahu jajah perabut kami?

Mahu lemahkan perkakas kami?

Mahu menjahilkan peralatan kami?

Mahu memusnahkan sudip kami?

Spoken: Kami akan tentang!. Biar mati anak, jangan mati mangkuk!!

E                                       G                                  A

Perkakasa! Perkakasa! Melindungkan mangkuk anda!

Perkakasa! Perkakasa! Jangan kamu cuba cabar!

Perkakasa! Perkakasa! Perabut rotan maha kuasa!

Perkakasa! Perkakasa! Penyapu lidi untuk semua!

Fade out to:

Ini mangkuk! Bukan Fagrik! Fagrik itu mangkuk!



Hippie people, cannot eat meat

Only soy products, and artificial chicken

Hippie people, want to save world

But are so high, they live in orbit

Hippie people, smell very bad

Kenot take shower, wasting water

Hippie people, are very hairy

If they shave themselves, they are very scary

Hippie people are Caucasian

You never see a brother, or an asian (except for you posers)

Vatican Day Care Center


Intro (Tubular Bells)


Et tu Brutus

Sic in omnibus


Ettu Bono Vox

Vommitus tuneus


Post Joshua tree

Est excrementus


U2 non maximus

commodo subsisto iam


Mommy and daddy work all day!

We get sent away to play

To Uncle Ben’s Day Care Center!


Hop, hop, hop! Skip, skip, skip!

Come and play with uncle Benedict

At Uncle Ben’s Care Center!


Look at Mary, look at Bert!

Playing under Father Murphy’s skirt!

At Uncle Ben’s Care Center!


All the kids climb to get the hat

Brother Hans wets his underpants

At Uncle Ben’s Care Center!


Semper ubi sub ubi!

Demum, veniunt porci

At Uncle Ben’s Care Center!


nos gero haud induviae

nos amo-oo lu-uu-do

At Uncle Ben’s Care Center!


I wanna be a Greenie



My car runs on love

My computer runs on acid

My fridge runs on… cow dung

My brain’s run away (I have vacuum in my head!)

I wanna be a greenie: I wanna use renewable energy

You wanna be a greenie: You wanna use clean energy

So lets jump on the train and shout!

Hydrocarbons are bad!

Nuclear energy is bad!

I don’t really know why!

cos the guy in the hemp shirt said they’re bad

And he’s on Discovery Channel, so he must be right!

I wanna be a greenie till fade

Lovers Lie In the Shade of Eyjafjallajökull While I Pick Through My Unrealized Aspirations Lying of the Cusp of The New Paradigm That is An Absence of Platonic Love



Some dumb ass post rock lyrics about Iceland